June 10, 2018

2 Tips for Better Funnel Conversions

Setting up a sales funnel is only the beginning. It would only make a tangible difference when you clock more sales. If you are not generating more revenue after inducting a sales funnel then you have to seriously assess the conversion. It is quite possible that your sales funnel is not working optimally and hence it is failing to have any traction. It is also possible that there are some finer elements that are preventing an otherwise effective funnel to be of much consequence. Here are two tips for better funnel conversions.

Identify the Reason(s) for Abandonment

When we talk about funnel conversion, it is being presumed that you are generating enough traffic. If your sales funnel is not receiving enough traffic, then you have to fix that first before you can contemplate the efficacy or inefficacy of your funnel.

Conversions are not really the primary problem in such a scenario. Taking it forward on the basis of the presumption that your sales funnel receives enough traffic, you may have poor conversion for one or many reasons. You need to identify these reasons.

It is possible your sales funnel is not presenting an offer that your target audience cannot refuse. This is not cinematic dilution or dramatization of what a sales funnel must be able to do. It is what the reality is. If there are other offers that entice your target audience more than what your proposition does, then your funnel will not work. This is also the simplest of all possible reasons.

The moment you realize the problem is with your offer, you can rework it and launch a fresh campaign.

There can be some complex reasons for lack of optimum funnel conversions. The target audience may not be qualified as there is no prequalification or eligibility screening. The audience may be relevant but they may not be at a stage where they would like to make the decision to purchase. The content you present on your landing page or subsequent pages may be the issue.

Even the subtlest wording can act as a deterrent. The human mind works in mysterious ways and something you present in one way may be misinterpreted by your target audience. All these issues are rather complicated and you must be able to ascertain them at the right time. Failing to identify such reasons will lead to inexplicable perplexity and you may never be able to fix your funnel to achieve the desired conversion.

Use State of the Art Funnel Software

Creating a funnel is not a challenge. Ensuring conversion is. The extensive analyses that are necessary for better funnel conversion are often beyond the ability of one person to comprehend. You would need some state of the art software to assist you in this process.

For instance, you would need some degree of automation, you need real time tracking, you have to rely on bit data analysis and you must test various alternatives to choose the best funnel.

You should use some funnel software that can offer you templates that are a natural fit for your scheme of things. The whole solution should have a turnkey setup so it is easy. The software should track all activities throughout your funnel, right from the primary catchment area through to after the transaction or signup.

Any lead abandoning the funnel at any stage should be tracked and assessed. Your software should tell you where it abandoned the funnel, when and how. This should help you to gauge the why. The best internet marketers around the world do not presume. They rely on data to do the talking.

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