June 14, 2018

How to Make Money with a Webinar

A webinar is the twenty-first century version of a tradeshow. You can also equate it with traditional seminars and business events, be it about networking or product launch, interaction with press or outright marketing campaigns.

A webinar is an inexpensive exercise. It is empowering and rewarding at the same time. However, the competition is so fierce that your webinar may not gain any traction at all. Even if you manage to have a virtual audience, it may not result in any sales.

There is no generic approach. The success of a webinar depends on so many variables that it is difficult even for a state of the art algorithm to provide a definitive strategy to help you make money. Let us presume a scenario wherein you have an idea for a webinar, you have the products or services in place, you have worked on the content and you are raring to go. How can you strategize your webinar in a manner that will actually generate some revenue? Here are three simple focal points that you should work on.

Prequalify your Target Audience

You would need an audience for your webinar and you may have a long list or shortlist. Do not address everyone you can through or during a webinar. The content you would present during a webinar will not appeal to any and sundry. There has to be and will be a specific audience that would want to hear about your product or service. A small section of that audience will be interested in buying your product or signing up for your service. It is this small section that can be referred to as the prequalified target audience.

Your target audience may be massive. It does not matter since everyone would not make a purchase or subscribe. You may or may be aware of the distinct stages of customer buying cycle. There are many phases but they can be broadly classified into three stages. The first is awareness, the second is consideration and the third is purchase. If your webinar is about awareness, then you cannot really focus on sales and hence you are not trying to make money.

If your webinar is about consideration, then the focus is on generating sales and making money. You cannot make money with a webinar focusing on awareness. There may be a rare case where one attendee or some in the audience may sign up for a free service or be willing to try a product for free. Awareness rarely transcends consideration to directly influence a purchase.

Your webinar should be aimed at a prequalified target audience. When you know those attending your webinar are aware of your products or services and are considering various options, it is the sweet spot you want to be in. All it would take is a convincing nudge from your end during the webinar to compel the audience to take some decisive action.

Try to Make Money during a Webinar

Just as you are planning a webinar and intend to sell something, there are perhaps millions of others who have the same agenda. Of course the product or service may be different.

The same audience you are targeting will be on the radar of many of your competitors. It is impossible for the same audience to remember everything you have said or presented during your webinar and they will have almost negligible intent to get back to you unless you are offering something they need desperately. Hence, do not rely on follow-ups. Forget emails and callbacks. You need to focus on selling and making money during your webinar.

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1 Great read.
What I like so much about webinars is that the viewers feel like they are much more engaged compared to a regular video. I've compared the two and found using ClickFunnels lead tracking and I've found that I get a lot more conversions for with webinars.
Thanks for the content, keep it coming!

Posted by: Brendan at January 02, 2020 01:17 AM (cPTh0)

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